The Aquarius 23 is a sturdy, fiberglass fractional sloop with a
centerboard as well as permanent ballast in a shallow ridge at the base of
her hull (a "skiff keel"). She is designed to self-right with the centerboard raised
(an important safety factor), unlike many other trailerable sailboats of similar size.
Yet, she still maintains the shallow draft of a centerboard design. With a displacement
of 2280lbs, the A23 remains simple to trailer and tow, while roomy and seaworthy
enough to take on light cruising.

The original brochure (16MB PDF) is available for download.

More content will show up here eventually. For now, check out
and the Aquarius 21 and 23 Yahoo Group (unfortunately, Yahoo has since eliminated all groups).
Also, for an example of a well-outfitted Aquarius, take a look at Lacuna,
a 1970 A23 which made the "inside passage" trip from Washington State up to Alaska
and back over several months. Also, see the Tracy Ellen, a well-appointed
1975 A23, also used for light cruising.